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Professional Medical Translations

We are an agency that specializes in providing translations and linguistic services in medicine, pharmacy, and other related fields, for both
institutional and individual clients.

We support 13 languages

Research institutions

Over the years, we have provided language-related services
to a range of R&D institutions, including translation...
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Our agency provides language-related services to Polish
and foreign publishers, including translation services...
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We translate for many medical universities and other
higher-education institutions...
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The companies we provide language-related services
to include private medical firms ...
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Professional Medical Translations

All translation services are provided by our unique team – scientists and physicians who have a perfect command of the foreign language and who translate texts within their very narrow specialization, plus native speakers, linguists
and philologists
who proofread the translations.

Our team members are guided by a single goal: setting a new, higher standard
for specialized translations
in the narrow field of medicine.

Our strong points are: narrow specialization, high quality, promptness, innovativeness, commitment and flexibility.

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Our Clients

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